More than ever today, there is a need to advance a sustainable home which can help minimize wastes. In a study, in 2014, there were around 258 million tons of municipal solid wastes from the US alone.  Only less than 35% was recycled which is equivalent to around 33 million tons of municipal solid waste.

compost-709020_640If you will look at the world today, a lot of countries are suffering from climate change. Climate change is a real danger to the way we live our lives. Agricultural products are affected by the changing climate, and for different areas worldwide, it isn’t surprising to see colder winters and stronger typhoons. If we want to secure our future, it is imperative to focus on managing our wastes effectively.

What we know today is that everyone should do their part in order to trigger change. Hopefully, these efforts can help reverse climate change. And one of the best measures to do this is to start in different households. Waste management is key towards lessening carbon emissions worldwide. If you don’t have an idea on how to manage wastes inside your home, here are some tips that you can follow.

Start by removing the biodegradable waste

If you are only starting, it is a good idea to remove the biodegradable wastes in your home. Biodegradable wastes are most likely excess food. Wet newspaper and tissue paper are also considered biodegradable wastes. When it comes to biodegradable materials, this can be used as compost in your gardening project. Gardening projects not only help improve the aesthetics of your home but even give you fresher air. It is even better to the soil that you use since you prevent the use of chemicals which can be detrimental to your soil which is chemical based.

Evaluate practices at home

Another important way to minimize and manage wastes at home is to consider evaluating the practices that you are doing. For instance, do you tend to buy foods from outside that are already packed? This may not seem much but the package can accumulate as wastes. It is a good idea that you cook inside the home if you are serious about managing the wastes of your home.

Recycle materials as much as you can

Another important method that should be followed at home is proper recycling methods. Recycling wastes can help minimize the amount of waste produced by the home. For instance, used water bottles into pots for your gardening project or even use other wastes to add aesthetics to your home.

These are simple tricks that you can follow at home. When done correctly, it can make a huge impact to the way you live your life.